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Lemonade for Education

A time-old tradition of children making money in the summer with a lemonade stand took on a whole new meaning in Cashiers in the summer of 2015. Summit Charter School student, Chloe Crawford, wanted to do something to help her school, and decided to start selling lemonade for a $1 a glass at her family’s business- Cashiers Farmers Market. She aptly named her fundraiser “Lemon-aid for Education” and recruited classmates to take a turn operating the stand in July and August before school started. As word spread of the fundraiser, residents and businesses began matching the daily number of glasses sold. The lemonade stand raised $44,567 for the school.  This amount was matched and the “Lemon-aid” stand ended up netting $100,000 for Summit Charter School in 2015. Word got out about our little school as we were featured on WLOS and Fox & Friends. 

The Lemon-Aid stand returned for another year this past summer and over 80% of our children worked the stand and numerous parents volunteered their time to help as well. With the combined 2015 and 2016 summer seasons, the Lemon-Aid stand brought in $389,852 dollars for Summit Charter School. Thank you to our amazing community and friends of Summit who supported our kids. That's a lot of Lemonade!





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