Summit offers a unique and quality K-9 educational experience that connects students to the many wonderful environmental and community resources that surround the school. The Summit Experience equips our students with a level of confidence that invokes success, self-worth, and the opportunity to thrive in all endeavors. Our graduates are:

Academically Prepared

A strong academic foundation is the basis for the success of our graduates in their secondary, collegiate, and life-long pursuits. Our students:

  • Embrace high expectations and academic rigor
  • Think critically and work diligently to solve problems
  • Utilize place-based and experiential opportunities to gain global understanding
  • Incorporate technology as a tool to enrich and expand intellectual curiosity

Engaged in Community

Summit Charter School seeks opportunities and activities that enrich the "whole-child" experience. Collaborative partnerships between the school, our families and the greater community contribute to the development of civility and citizenship in each and every child. Our students:

  • Appreciate the value of team work, parental involvement and community resources
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Practice community stewardship and service learning opportunities

Strong in Character

The seven virtues articulated in the school’s pledge resonate with all the students and set the tone for individual and school-wide growth. Our students:

  • Demonstrate a heightened level of accountability and shared sense of purpose
  • Show respect for their peers, teachers, parent volunteers, and members of the community
  • Accept diversity as a strength to community