Summit’s Path to Success begins with our K-5 students. Our goal for these students is for them to become great learners. For us, that looks like a child whose eyes are filled with wonder and whose mind is always curious. We encourage our youngest students to ask questions in the pursuit of knowledge and learn the path to discovery early. A great learner will become a great leader because he or she will always be growing.

What Makes Summit's K-5 Experience Special?

In kindergarten, our student-teacher ratio is 6:1. In our first, second, and third grade classes, our student-teacher ratio is 8:1. Though we are a tuition-free, public school, student-teacher ratios that low are rare even in private schools, but we believe they are key during these younger years to help students develop. Even our fourth and fifth grade classes have a lead teacher and an assistant in each class.

In addition to this more individualized experience, we believe our weekly exploration classes, wonderful wednesdays, and WIN (whatever individuals need) classes are important to the K-5 experience at Summit.

Explorations includes music, art, PE, Spanish, library, and STEAM. Wonderful Wednesdays is divided between K-2 and 3-5. K-2 students spend an hour every Wednesday afternoon working on service projects. These projects have blessed so many in our community and beyond. 3-5 students spend an hour every Wednesday in Heritage Clubs. This is an opportunity for students to have a hands-on experience learning about our local culture.

WIN consists of 30 minutes every day dedicated to whatever each individual student needs to focus on in various subjects. If you walked into a kindergarten class during WIN, you would find 4-5 different centers all focused on math or reading, but each at different levels or working on different concepts, depending on what each student needs. This is the same time when any of our exceptional children will work with our EC team. 

We invite you to schedule a time to visit Summit, meet with our leadership team, see a class in action, and consider if Summit might be the right fit for your K-5 student!