Summit’s Path to Success concludes with our 9-12 students. Our goal for these students is for them to become great leaders. We want our high school students to graduate from Summit knowing who they are and confident in their ability to positively impact the world.

Program Overview

The Summit high school experience combines rigorous college preparatory academics with the dynamic LEAD (Learn, Engage, Analyze and Discover) program designed to develop students that are inspired, empowered, and equipped to lead. In order to realize this vision, students take classes that earn them elective credits as they participate in the following LEAD rotation:

Community Engagement

Students are connected to local organizations through service learning projects and personalized fieldwork opportunities in order to:

  • Develop Empathy
  • Encourage Curiosity
  • Broaden Perspectives

Outdoor Leadership 

Outdoor expeditions that cultivate the following leadership skills and traits:

  • Critical thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal skills

Mentor 360

Summit’s Mentor 360 course pairs students with mentors that emphasize goal-setting, character education, and growth mindset. Furthermore, students are connected with younger students in order to gain relevant opportunities to apply lessons, thereby completing the circle of mentorship. A dynamic speaker series enriches the program by exposing students to pillars in the community that embody strong character.

Life Academy

Life Academy teaches students essential skills needed to thrive in college, future work, and daily life. Life Skills include:

  • Time Management and Organization
  • Financial Literacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Safety

After the freshman year, high school students have an opportunity to personalize their LEAD experience by co-creating an individualized leadership plan that evolves throughout high school to help students realize their potential. At Summit, student success is not only measured by academic achievement, but also by strength of character and capacity to lead.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements at Summit Charter School meet the State requirements for the Future Ready Core. These include the following minimum requirements:

Graduation Requirements Chart

Course Offerings

While Summit is a small high school, we provide a choice of high quality courses that will ensure that students meet the Future Ready Core graduation requirements and are competitively prepared for college or university. Click here to view our projected course catalog. 

Global Scholars Program: Local↔Global Learning

Summit is committed to providing high school students with educational travel opportunities that further our mission of “engaging students in learning experiences that stimulate discovery, inspire excellence, and nurture a positive influence in an ever-changing world.” As a member of the Teton Science Schools Place Network, Summit’s educational experience is founded on six educational principles, including Local to Global Learning.

Summit High is committed to taking learning beyond the traditional walls of the classroom...far beyond the walls of the classroom. At the beginning of their freshman year, Summit students investigate the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Wyoming through first-hand observation and inquiry. Summit students are avid explorers: they hike the trails of Grand Teton National Park and the streets of Washington, D.C. to explore art and history museums. 

Though Summit’s curated travel experiences are diverse in scope, they are unified in purpose: to offer students the ability to earn HS credit through travel opportunities that cultivate a global mindset. Summit’s Global Scholars program currently offers domestic trips, but looks forward to expanding to offer the international opportunities focused on language immersion, service-learning, and outdoor adventure. 

To learn more about Summit's Global Scholars Program and its trip to Sitka, Alaska in 2021, please click here.