The next step in Summit’s Path to Success is helping our middle school students become great listeners. Becoming a great listener is not about losing one’s voice, rather it is about discovering one’s voice. We recognize that middle school is a time of transition for students; they are moving from being children to being young adults. They have many voices coming at them all the time, from peers, social media, television, movies, video games, and more, and a lot of these voices are not healthy. Our aim is to help students who have become great learners to become great at discerning the information coming at them so they can know who they are, so they know their own voice, so that they can make great decisions.

What Makes Summit's 6-8 Experience Special?

Summit’s focus on individualized education continues from elementary school into middle school. Middle school students also have WIN (whatever individuals need) every day. While K-5 students have WIN for 30 minutes a day, 6-8 students have WIN for one hour every day. These five hours a week include a weekly grade-by-grade advisory, as well as focused time on language arts, math, journaling, and self-reflection. WIN is also the time when our exceptional children work with our EC team.

In addition to WIN, we also offer advanced math classes in seventh and eighth grades to help challenge our gifted students.

Twenty Fridays during the year, we offer Project-Based Learning. Students work with their core class instructors to work in groups completing hands-on STEAM-based projects.

One favorite of our middle school students is our SEEC program. Each semester, students can list their top three choices between a variety of extracurricular classes. Some examples include chorus, drama, Spanish, Mandarin, STEAM, and art. Our chorus competes in multiple competitions every year.

Each grade also participates in a special learning expedition, culminating in a week-long trip to the Barrier Islands in eighth grade. Sixth grade spends three days at Camp High Rocks and seventh grade students spend two days on a rock-climbing trip. These are in addition to a number of other field trips, including a multi-day trip on the Appalachian Trail to conduct water monitoring experiments.

We invite you to schedule a time to visit Summit, meet with our leadership team, see a class in action, and consider if Summit might be the right fit for your 6-8 student!