2019-20 School Performance Score: No Score or Letter Grade due to COVID-19

2018-19 School Performance Score: C (69%)

September 2019 Statement on 2018-19 School Performance Grade from New Head of School Kurt Pusch

The State of North Carolina recently released School Performance Grades and state assessment results from the 2018 - 2019 school year. North Carolina’s School Performance Grade represents the state’s overall rating of school performance based on a combination of student achievement levels and student growth on end of year state tests. School performance scores are based on a 100 point scale, with corresponding letter grades assigned as follows: 85-100 = A, 70-84 = B, 55-69 = C, 40-54 = D, and less than 40 = F. Student achievement levels make up 80% of a school’s performance grade, and student growth measures make up 20%.

Summit’s School Performance Grade increased to 69 in 2019, one point away from a B rating, and up from 67 in 2018 and 63 in 2017. We are encouraged to see year-over-year increases in our school Performance Grade, and particularly pleased to see improvements in achievement levels across all content areas and student groups. Summit’s student achievement levels, measuring the percentage of students proficient on state tests, increased to 69% in Reading, 61% in Math, and to 84% in Science--increases from 66%, 59%, and 72% the previous year. Additionally, Summit students met state expectations for growth in both Reading and Math.

We are proud of our students’ academic growth, and see these continued increases in performance as a reflection of the school’s positive direction forward. Our emphasis on academic excellence, community engagement, and strength of character remain our driving focus. With our mission at the forefront, we are eager to utilize these results to help drive our ongoing improvements in the education of our students. As we do, we expect our school performance to only continue to grow and strengthen over the coming years. 


2017-18 School Performance Score: C (67%)

2016-17 School Performance Score: C (63%)

2015-16 School Performance Score: C (63%)

2014-15 School Performance Score: B (71%)