Rock Climbing Comes to Summit's Campus!

The Summit Climbing Tower is a fabulous educational tool and will serve the Summit community for many years to come. Thank you to High Hampton Resort and to all those who helped install this remarkable structure so that our Summit community can enjoy and be challenged by climbing. 

Rock climbing and bouldering are ingredients to the larger activity of mountaineering. Typically bouldering and rock climbing are used to reach the summit of a mountain.

Bouldering and rock climbing have each developed into their own sport. Sport climbing is gaining ground as a competitive college and Olympic sport. Climbing is an incredible activity to continue throughout life because it provides so many valuable lessons for physical and mental development. Physically, climbing promotes flexibility, endurance, strength, and coordination. Mentally, climbing develops self-confidence, decision-making, perseverance, and trust.

Hopefully, the climbing experience at Summit will light a flame in all our students to create an active and healthy lifestyle and to take the 7 Virtues vertical! Summit students will have the opportunity to participate in climbing on the wall several times throughout the school year. Students need a signed waiver to be able to participate in Climbing Tower activities.


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