Summit Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school. We receive the majority of our funding from the State and County, but each year there is a sizable gap that we have to raise ourselves through private fundraising and donations. Because we are a public charter school, we choose our own course of study, which far exceeds other public schools and rivals most private schools. We cannot afford to lose the heart of our program to budget cuts. 

Keep Summit Unique

Field excursions, lego robotics, international studies, advanced curricula, exceptional facilities - they truly make a difference in our children’s success. In this section, you'll find many ways in which parents, community supporters and concerned individuals can participate in the ongoing support of these programs and others. Please consider giving the gift of education today by donating to one of our three core areas: 

1. Family Fund - We Love Summit! Your gift to the Family Fund, including donations from Summit parents, grandparents and family businesses, help Summit bridge the gap between what we receive from the government and the actual cost of educating a student. Learn more about our grade-by-grade contest and invest in your child's education by donating today. You can make a one-time gift, divide your gift into several payments or establish an ongoing, automatic gift payment. If you need to pay a 2018-19 pledge balance, please click here.

2. Annual FundSummit's Annual Fund welcomes community members and friends of Summit to give to our greatest annual need, our operating budget, playing a crucial role in enriching the lives of our students and teachers. Like the Family Fund, gifts sustain our campus and provide special programs that make Summit unique. Examples include:

  • Essential teaching and curricular materials to serve the needs of our students
  • Recruitment and retention of extraordinary educators
  • Hands-on field excursions to support our meaningful place-based curriculum
  • EC programming to ensure students with disabilities develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and vocationally through individualized education
  • Extracurricular activities such as athletics, drama, jazz and chess club. Click here to donate. 

3.  Introducing the Jerry Johnson Legacy Fund:  In October, our Summit family lost a beloved member of its school community: Gerald “Jerry” Johnson. Jerry was a Summit Charter School Foundation board member and a grandparent. He was a fierce champion of Summit and had a tremendous impact on the school. The Jerry Johnson Legacy Fund has been formed in his memory, with all gifts restricted to maintaining school facilities in the future. This is a first step to ensuring a future of enduring vitality for Summit in addition to securing fiscal stability.

If you would like to contribute a future gift through a trust, life insurance, gift annuities, or a provision in a will, please contact Development Director Melissa Hudson at 828-743-5755 to learn more about planned giving.

4. Chloe's Lemon-aid Stand for Education: Chloe Crawford's student-run lemonade stand had a remarkable revival during the summer of 2019. Read about its continued success here and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our amazing community and student volunteers. 

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Shop & Support

There are a number of retail outlets that offer opportunities to support Summit simply by making the purchases you would make otherwise. Please see the list of participating retailers to the right and remember to SHOP FOR SUMMIT!

Get Involved

For more information on how you can give, volunteer or participate in some other way, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Summit's Development Director, or contact her by phone at 828-743-5755 ext. 205.